Giving CBD as a Gift (When some people just don’t get it)

Know what makes the perfect stocking stuffer? You got it, CBD. But what if the recipient doesn’t want it?


You’re in love with how CBD makes you feel and you want to share that love with family and friends this Holiday season. But, while CBD is becoming more and more popular, it seems like some people just don’t get it. They think it’s a hoax, or snake oil, or marijuana. They think it’s a health fad and it will be gone in a few months. 

If you have friends and family that you think could really benefit from CBD, here are few things you can do or say to help get them on board! 


This will probably be the biggest objection. Despite the legalization, some people will always associate hemp and marijuana and consider it illegal. 

In 2018, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill) legalized CBD that is derived from hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC. THC is found on the marijuana plant and is the part of the product that MIGHT be illegal. Though, that is changing in most states now. 

BUT, if you get your CBD from us, you get a product with 0 THC. No connection to marijuana, no grey area. A completely legal product. 


Again, so many people associate CBD and marijuana that they might think CBD oil is a drug that’s going to get them high. This is absolutely not true. Like we said, our product contains 0 THC, the oil that, in the right amounts, can have psychoactive effects. CBD comes from hemp and can help with a number of conditions from seizures and depression to chronic pain and insomnia. 

Tell your family and friends they will still be making their D.A.R.E officer proud if they are taking CBD to treat anxiety or help them sleep. 


Snake oil. A passing fad. Placebo. These fears come from people that say CBD can cure your cancer or your Parkinson’s…because that’s not true. But if you tell them that CBD can help treat cancer or can ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s, or help you feel your best in order to live a better life, they might be more likely to believe you. 

If that doesn’t work, throw some science at them:

  • CBD works with the VERY REAL Endocannabinoid System
  • The receptors in this system help keep our bodies balanced. It helps our body return to our baseline health after being disturbed or injured.
  • When we’re injured, cannabinoids increase to resolve any inflammation or other damage received. 
  • Due to poor diets and environmental sources, our bodies are often in a constant state of “protection” and inflammation, and excessive inflammation is the cause of many illnesses and symptoms. 
  • CBD helps regulate that by reducing inflammation that could cause pain or make us feel fatigued

CBD DOESN’T Fix Everything

Yes, be honest and tell them that CBD is NOT a magic cure all for everything that ails them. If they go in thinking this, they will disappointed and even more convinced CBD doesn’t work. If you know they suffer from insomnia, make sure you tell them that’s why you’re giving to them. Ask them to focus on one symptom or ailment they would like to fix. It can be a solution to many problems, but not ALL problems. 

If you think CBD would be a great gift for someone this year, don’t hesitate just because you think they don’t understand it. Help them understand that as a part of a healthy lifestyle, CBD can help them feel better and live a healthier life. They’ll thank you in the long run!

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