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Many people use CBD to improve focus & treat ADHD symptoms. Could it work for you?


Many people take CBD to help manage symptoms associated with pain, anxiety, and depression. While CBD isn’t a ‘cure-all,’ it isn’t a hoax either, with many people experiencing radically better lives once they start taking CBD supplements.

One surprising way people are using CBD is to help improve focus and reduce symptoms associated with ADHD. But, can it help you?

What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. It interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, which has several receptors designed to help us function healthily. Many of these receptors are in our brains and when they get out of whack, we get out of whack.

While our bodies naturally produce – and consume – cannabinoids, many of us consume cannabinoids faster than we produce it, compounding anxiety, depression, and, perhaps, an inability to focus.

Thus, the role of CBD: to supplement those depleted stores and get our brains back in balance.

Get back in balance

Imagine you’re a pro athlete. Top of your game. You run harder, faster, score more than anyone in the league.

Then, you have an injury.

Wouldn’t you do anything you can to get back to the top of your game?

Most of us aren’t pro athletes. But, we are required to sustain consistent energy over days, weeks, months, and years in our various careers. Given that most of us are involved in cognitive/knowledge work, it’s our brains that we need to protect.

It’s our chief productivity ‘muscle.’

Keeping it healthy is tremendously important for anyone who wants to accomplish anything significant in their careers (and probably beyond). Of course, CBD isn’t a panacea for that – things like diet, exercise, working on challenging problems, maintaining a growth mindset, and stress management, and the like are HUGELY important for keeping your brain in balance.

Need some natural ways to get your body back in balance? Check out this article!

But many people claim that CBD can – and does – help.

The Research on CBD, Focus, and ADHD

It’s important to note that the research on CBD’s actual effectiveness at improving focus (or minimizing symptoms of ADHD) is scant, at best. While this study published in The Journal of European Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that there may be some preliminary evidence that cannabis can help reduce symptoms associated with ADHD, they stop well short of endorsing CBD as a legitimate substitute for pharmaceuticals. Instead, they advocate for more research because the initial evidence suggests there could be something there.

This article, published in the Rambam Maimonides Medial Journal in January 2020, surveyed 59 patients who had valid medical cannabis (not CBD!) treatment plan – as well as ADHD – found that many of the patients found the treatment helpful for managing focus and ADHD. Much of the report’s data though was self-reported; hardly a purely scientific study.

Other studies, primarily done on university students, have proven inconclusive.

So, before beginning to use CBD for focus, it’s important to note that there is no strong evidence suggesting its effectiveness.

But there’s no strong evidence suggesting it’s ineffective, either. And CBD is not harmful. In fact, it’s role in healing neurotransmitters in your brain can make CBD really effective at helping with anxiety disorders.

Just because it’s self-reported, doesn’t mean it’s not true

The studies are gaining steam because of the ‘hype’ surrounding CBD. To be sure, some of that hype is unfounded.

But a lot isn’t.

Many people self-report that CBD helps them with focus – even if they don’t have an ADHD diagnosis.

In fact, I’d put myself in that category; when I find myself incapable of focusing on a particular task, I take one dropperful of 500mg ZoiaCBD oil and start to feel settled within a few minutes.

Is it a placebo effect?

Maybe. But, does that matter?

What matters to me is productivity. Performance. The ability to manage work successfully.

In my mind, I rationalize the result as helping to stimulate serotonin production, subdue receptors associated with anxiety, and providing a small, natural dopamine ‘trigger’ that lets me know it’s time to focus.

It seems to work more often than not, which is why I keep CBD in my personal medicine cabinet even if the science is inconclusive.

But, will CBD help your Focus or ADHD Symptoms?

Disclaimer time: we can’t guarantee CBD can help you with focus or managing ADHD. Our best advice is to take our dosage assessment, consult with your physician, then make an educated guess for yourself. We can tell you that our CBD is all-natural, organic, and doesn’t have anything that can harm you.

So, there’s no real risk to trying it.

We’re also offering a BOGO deal right now to help you get started (it can take a few weeks to really notice any difference, as your body heals from being chronically depleted of cannabinoids).

Ultimately, though, it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to give your brain a boost and see if CBD can help you do just that. Fortunately, we’re here every step of the way to help you with that. And happy to help.

Good luck!

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Justin Smith

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