Anxiety & Exercise

Anxiety can be crippling and very overwhelming at times. Exercise can help.


Anxiety can be crippling and very overwhelming at times. Which can cause numerous physical and mental complications and side effects. When you can’t sleep, eat, conduct normal day to day activity, it can drastically change your mindset and physical output. 
As always, we recommend seeking professional guidance when struggling with anxiety.

While there are massive benefits to seeking professional advice, treating anxiety and calming your nerves can take time. One of the most beneficial ways to ease anxiety and feel better is to exercise.

While almost everyone can benefit psychologically from exercise, those that are suffering from anxiety may experience less anxiety, quicker if you exercise 3-5 times a week. Exercise has been shown to have a dramatic outcome to managing anxiety. 

Anxiety is typically related to increase heart rate and other physical symptoms. Exercising is a great way to lower heart rate and calm the nervous system. Yes, while working out your heart rate will increase, should increase. But over time, it helps level your heart rate to a more constant, healthy rate. 

Improving your heart and lung function due to regular aerobic activity are often associated with a greater sense of overall well-being, which can help offset feelings of anxiety.

Don’t have 45 minutes or a hour to work out? No Problem! Short bursts of exercise, 10 -15 minutes can improve your mood.
While pretty much any exercise can help decrease anxiety, there are several excises that are very beneficial

  • Yoga
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Tennis

If all else fails, turn on your favorite jams and have a dance party 🙂

Breathing exercising, along with Yoga can change your energy and nervous system dramatically, and with practice, quickly
We all know that exercise is good for the body, and now research shows that it’s also good for the mind. In addition to managing your anxiety with a doctor’s help, exercise is a powerful tool you can use to enhance your physical and mental health.

Give yourself a boost

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, sometimes, anxiety can be really overwhelming. Often, CBD tinctures or softgel can help. If you’re not sure it can help you, use our free dosage calculator to learn if CBD might be a good fit for you.

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